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The Tourism Owners Association (TOA) of Vanuatu promotes and protects the interests of its members by inspiring excellence through programs and initiatives in advocacy, industry leadership, professional development, membership benefits, and community involvement.  
Any tourism business owner can apply for membership. Monthly meetings for each category ensure your voice is heard.

 "Tourism is every ones business"
Vanuatu Tourism industry is the largest employer group with thousands of ni-vanuatu staff.  

Accredited Tourism Associations
This is the list of accredited and recognised Tourism Associations in Vanuatu by Department of Tourism in Vanuatu. 
TOA surpasses all the current standards.
TOA Association is a registered association with Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

VTO Marketing and Development Fund
TOA encourages all members to contribute to the VTO

Hotels includes all accommodation businesses

Tours includes all activities and transport.

Restaurants includes all dining in restaurants, cafes, market food stalls, takeaway, home delivered. All with high hygiene standards.

Bars includes all bars and nightclubs with responsible serving of alcohol.

Suppliers includes any other member who supply products and services to the tourism industry.

We believe in self-regulation for our members and our industry, plus supply the highest standards by 
offering accreditation, marketing and training programs.

TOA Registration Certificate

Tourism Owners Association
PO Box 2036, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Phone (678) 7777-862 (7777TOA)  -  Email:  info@toa.vu